Welcome to the story of Halo Farm, a retail dairy store that has been serving the Princeton community for more than four decades. In 1975, Jerry Reilly founded Halo Farm with a vision to provide customers with the best possible products at the best possible prices. Over the years, Halo Farm’s mission has remained steadfast, and Halo Farm takes pride in its commitment to using only rBST hormone-free milk.
Halo Farm’s milk is homogenized and pasteurized on-site, ensuring the highest quality and freshness. From this milk and cream, Halo Farm creates 48 super premium ice cream flavors with a small ingredient list that rarely contains more than five ingredients. Halo Farm’s customers rave about the taste of its ice cream, and Halo Farm is thrilled to be able to share it with the community.
Halo Farm’s dedication to freshness and quality goes beyond ice cream. Halo Farm also makes its own lemonade, orange juice, iced tea, fruit punch, and more! Halo Farm’s commitment to quality has earned the support of its loyal customers, and Halo Farm is grateful for their patronage. For those seeking careers with Halo Farm, it offers job opportunities at the Hamilton, NJ location and the Halo Farm Georgia store.
Halo Farm is always on the lookout for individuals who share its passion for providing exceptional products and service. If you’re interested in joining Halo Farm’s team, please check out its application page for more information. Halo Farm believes that working at Halo Farm is not just a job but an opportunity to be part of a dedicated team that values excellence in products and customer service.

What’s at HALO FARM

Halo Farm offers a wide selection of cakes and pastries made with Halo Farm’s signature ice cream. Enjoy Halo Farm’s handmade cream cake, perfect for any occasion. Halo Farm’s selection of French pastries, such as éclairs and macarons, is made with the finest ingredients and Halo Farm’s delicious creamy filling. Customize your cake or pastry with your favorite flavors and toppings, and make your celebration even more special.

A Haven of Culinary Treasures

Halo Farm isn’t just about crafting remarkable ice cream; it is a haven for all culinary desires. Step into Halo Farm’s retail grocery store, where an assortment of carefully curated food items awaits. Explore a world of flavors with the fresh produce section, brimming with vibrant fruits and vegetables, sourced from local farmers who share the passion for quality and sustainability. Treat yourself to the heavenly aroma of Halo Farm’s freshly baked goods, lovingly prepared each day to complement the ice cream experience. And when one needs something quick and delicious, discover the selection of mouthwatering prepared foods that will leave you satisfied and smiling.